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Every day is a new day. With each Guest visit we're developing creative ways to provide those special personal touches that we're known for without, well, personally touching!

We're pretty proud of the level of service our Guests receive and I think we've carried this on in new ways with the help of our really wonderful and understanding Guests. These include: Asking Guests to pop their damp towels into a lined laundry hamper in the morning and leaving their dishes on a table outside of their door. We'll (sanitize the table), and then place fresh towels and cleaned dishes on it.

On our Deck, Guests have plenty of room to be physically distant and still enjoy the sun, a beverage or a take-away meal. Proper dishes and cutlery are available and receptacles have been provided to handle food packaging, and recyclables.

And so together, yet apart, we hope that you will come and visit 173 High Street and enjoy all that Southampton has to offer - the beach, sunsets, long walks, bike rides, great food, ice cream, fabulous art, shopping!, terrific people ....

Paul and Lisa

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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

These are weird and wonderful times:  weird with the whole Covid-19 adjustment; wonderful with the abundance of creativity Paul and I have been noticing, and engaging in.

So, what have you been doing?  Here’s what we’ve been up to, and let’s just say right off the bat, that Paul is clearly waaay more disciplined than me.  Not faster, necessarily, just more disciplined.  I work very well to real deadlines but self-imposed ones?  Not so much.

1. Paul gathered up the super-8 films that he shot with his family in the ‘70’s and converted them to digital format so that his children can delight their children with scenes of playing in the backyard, water skiing at the lake, parties with grandparents.

2. I decided to dip my toe into the sourdough bread waters. Paul also did but lost patience and threw it out, something I thought of many times, as well. However, perseverance prevailed and I've enjoyed a plain loaf, some banana bread, and today's effort, pistachio and cranberry. I must say though, that my children did not receive the amount of attention this sourdough 'baby', did. I think it may go into the fridge for a few days and just sit.

3. Delores, Paul’s partner, has been knitting what’s become her ‘Covid Blanket’.  I think it was to be a throw for one of the grands, but if the self isolation goes much longer, it may be a carpet.

4. Walks and bike rides.  I know Delores has been taking some really long walks, back on the “B” Line, and Paul has been racking up the clicks on his bike.  I keep my walks to town, exploring the laneways and walking along the trails that are still available for walks, and around Fairy Lake, with my little hound.

5. I think we’ve all upped our technology game with new ways of visiting with friends and family via

phone, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom and the plethora of platforms that are at our finger tips.  I know my siblings and Mom (who’s 90 and very tech savvy), have been enjoying Sunday dinners where one of us sets a menu and then we all prepare the same thing, sit down, turn on Zoom and eat and visit for two hours.  As we’re spread out across the country, this has proven to be really terrific.

As we enter May, we are cautiously optimistic that the curve is flattening and we can look forward to warm and sunny days ahead. 

Do be well, stay safe, and together, but still apart, we’ll muddle on.

Cheers, for now,

Paul and Lisa

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  • 173 High Street

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

... because it attracts the nicest people, of course, but not right now!

Covid-19. This is one of those periods of time that will make its imprint on everyone and everything.

On the bright side, people and businesses are finding all sorts of creative ways to support each other, whether it's delivering food or snacks to the Emergency Department of the Hospital or the Care Centre, offering take out from restaurants, sewing masks for health care providers and front line workers, (not least being the great folks manning the cash registers and stocking shelves at the grocery stores). Maintaining social distance and still having cocktails with friends via Zoom. It's remarkable to see how quickly people, businesses, governments, have pivoted to face the pandemic head on and keep moving forward

Here at 173, things are pretty quiet, needless to say, but with that comes the opportunity to freshen the paint, deep clean the rooms and for Paul to address his 'honey-do' list at home For Lisa, let it not be said that any mending not go un-embroidered!

So for now, enjoy the fine Spring weather as best you can, stay safe and wash your hands!

Together, but apart, we shall muddle through and we do look forward to seeing you - soon!

Warm regards,

Paul and Lisa

Crocus by Delores, bees by Mother Nature!

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