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The Story of 173 High Street

The idea for a hotel started several ago, with our son Peter's wedding to Claudia, in Southampton, New York. As a wedding present, Claudia's aunt put up many of the wedding guests in her stunning inn called 1650 Baker House. What a treat! We thought that it would be wonderful to offer a similar sleeping experience for guests in our Southampton, Ontario.

In choosing great furniture, luxurious linens, absolutely sumptuous beds and wonderful fittings for the bathrooms, our goal is to provide our guests with the most comfortable stay in Southampton, Ontario, and with just three rooms, we like to think of 173 High Street as An Inn for the Fortunate Few.

We're sure that you'll sleep well here!

P.S.  Need a bike or beach bag and towels?  Just ask, we have everything you'll need, ready to borrow.

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