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Greening up - not just the spring grass!!!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

If you've stayed at 173 High Street you may know a little about our story, if not, sit back and let me tell you! Below is Paul's bike that he happily rides from home to work every day as soon as the roads permit - two summers ago he did over 5,400km and last year over 2,200 km with what was then undiagnosed rheumatoid arthritis.

We also encourage guests to bring bikes - it's a great way to see Southampton or tour the shore and we have a secure lock up or you can borrow our bikes, if they're available. If you want, Paul will happily give you a tour which inevitably will involve pastries at some point on the journey. The best thing about cycling in Southampton is that it's flat terrain!

Here's something I'll bet you didn't realize: our roof is covered with solar panels and not only is the building self-sufficient, we actually have power left over to sell back to the grid!! Paul and Delores's home out on the B Line is also off grid - he's a renaissance kinda guy.

We're also avid re-cyclers and no can, bottle, box or paper goes unsorted! We've also switched to TruEarth laundry soap - it's little gelatin leaves about the size of a playing card and does a great job on the laundry (and Lisa is very particular about the laundry!).

It's been our goal to gradually move away from single use products or products that create more waste. Hence the Nespresso coffee machines and coffee pods in each room - they're sent back to Nespresso who recycles the aluminium and the coffee grounds. We've also ditched plastic water bottles and offer litre sized refillable bottles of filtered water. And this is our newest addition: custom Soap and Lotion from our across-the-street neighbour Re:Mind Wellness. Sara has created a signature fragrance just for us - a mild citrusy, bergamot blend - not too overpowering! The soap is lovely and the lotion is rich without being greasy. We think you'll really love them!

We look forward to seeing you soon - summer weekends are almost gone but there are still mid-week spots and June and September should not be ruled out for your next getaway.


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