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Reason 1 we love our town...

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

... because it attracts the nicest people, of course, but not right now!

Covid-19. This is one of those periods of time that will make its imprint on everyone and everything.

On the bright side, people and businesses are finding all sorts of creative ways to support each other, whether it's delivering food or snacks to the Emergency Department of the Hospital or the Care Centre, offering take out from restaurants, sewing masks for health care providers and front line workers, (not least being the great folks manning the cash registers and stocking shelves at the grocery stores). Maintaining social distance and still having cocktails with friends via Zoom. It's remarkable to see how quickly people, businesses, governments, have pivoted to face the pandemic head on and keep moving forward

Here at 173, things are pretty quiet, needless to say, but with that comes the opportunity to freshen the paint, deep clean the rooms and for Paul to address his 'honey-do' list at home For Lisa, let it not be said that any mending not go un-embroidered!

So for now, enjoy the fine Spring weather as best you can, stay safe and wash your hands!

Together, but apart, we shall muddle through and we do look forward to seeing you - soon!

Warm regards,

Paul and Lisa

Crocus by Delores, bees by Mother Nature!

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