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We're ready!

Every day is a new day. With each Guest visit we're developing creative ways to provide those special personal touches that we're known for without, well, personally touching!

We're pretty proud of the level of service our Guests receive and I think we've carried this on in new ways with the help of our really wonderful and understanding Guests. These include: Asking Guests to pop their damp towels into a lined laundry hamper in the morning and leaving their dishes on a table outside of their door. We'll (sanitize the table), and then place fresh towels and cleaned dishes on it.

On our Deck, Guests have plenty of room to be physically distant and still enjoy the sun, a beverage or a take-away meal. Proper dishes and cutlery are available and receptacles have been provided to handle food packaging, and recyclables.

And so together, yet apart, we hope that you will come and visit 173 High Street and enjoy all that Southampton has to offer - the beach, sunsets, long walks, bike rides, great food, ice cream, fabulous art, shopping!, terrific people ....

Paul and Lisa

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