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The Story of 173 High Street

The idea for a hotel started several ago, when Paul's son Peter married Claudia, in Southampton, New York. As a wedding present, Claudia's aunt put up many of the wedding guests in her stunning inn called 1650 Baker House. This weekend in the Hampton's inspired Paul and Delores to create a similar sleeping experience for guests in our Southampton, Ontario.

In choosing great furniture, luxurious linens, absolutely sumptuous beds and wonderful fittings throughout, our goal is to provide our guests with the most comfortable stay in Southampton, Ontario, and with just three rooms and our huge Deck, we like to think of 173 High Street as An Inn for the Fortunate Few.  We're also very pleased to be able to have original artwork by local artists throughout the Inn.

We're sure that you'll sleep well here!

173 has also been ahead of the curve in our desire to create an environment that is not only pleasing but has a reasonable eco-footprint as well.  Our roof is covered with solar panels and we sell power back to the grid; we are avid re-cyclers (that's one reason we chose Nespressso coffee makers for each room, as pods are sent back to Nespresso and they recycle the aluminium and the coffee grains).  We are moving away from single use products and you'll find glass bottles of filtered water, and soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner in refillable bottles.  These have been custom blended for us by Re:Mind Wellness and Refillery just up the street.  Disposable pads for makeup removal have been replaced with dark microfibre cloths that do an amazing job of removing makeup with just water!  

Please don't hesitate to ask us about the Inn, the village or the surrounding area - we're always happy to offer suggestions and recommendations for where to go and what to do! Check out our summer mid-week refresh promotion.

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